Our aim is to vitalize Amerikamura.
"Amerikamura no kai" is a voluntary association consisting of shop owners and business owners around Osaka city, Chuo-ku Nishishinsaibashi district (Amerikamura). Shop owners who actually run business in Amerikamura voluntarily take the lead in the retail business promotion, maintenance for public safety, and environmental beautification. Their aim is to support young people's activities to vitalize the formation of Amerikamura.
Osaka-city Chuo-ku Shopping Streets Joint Association Amerikamura No Kai
Main activities
Planning on retail business promotion, planning on how to attract large crowds/crime
Activities to prevent from trouble occurrences/environmental beautification activities/ support young people's activities in a positive manner
Enrolled group
Osaka City Shopping Streets Association/ Osaka City Chuo-ku Minami Shopping Streets Joint Association/ Osaka-fu Shopping Streets Development Joint Association/ Osaka city Chuo-ku Minami Shopping Streets Joint Association Shokai Ltd. /
Implemental Convention for Environmental Purification in Minami Entertainment District etc….
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