"Amerikamura"— a 40 year
History of the entertainment district for young people
Amerikamura was a quiet district with many warehouses and parking lots.
This part of the town was nestled on the backside of the main street of Shinsaibashisuji shopping arcade.

Later on, a design office for department stores, VAN JACKET INC. which was established by Mr. Kensuke Ishizu (who is also famous for his first "Ivy" look) and many other creators started moving to the quiet district. Still, Amerikamura at that time was a very low-profile part of town.
Urban development of young people for young people from the cafe began
During the 70s, the town grew to attract many visitors, especially young people, due the opening of a famous café. In 1969, Mariko Higiri, an interior designer, opened café, "LOOP" which eventually became a gathering spot for young designers and creative people.

Following this development, artists including Seitaro Kuroda, a graphic designer who participated actively in the community at that time and Yoko Kamoi, a designer and the pioneer of women's underwear in Japan supported the community to tailor the area especially to young people.

"Let's create the town for young people and it will be as great as the Shinsaibashisuji arcade!" was the slogan.
Utilizing empty warehouses, parking lots, and stores for rent cheap, rare and luxurious items at that time began to be sold. These items included used records, jeans, T shirts, vintage
"Amerikamura regarded with high esteem by young people"
At that time, items that were imported from the United States were rare and became popular among young people. Because American culture greatly flourished in the area, TV and fashion magazines started introducing the neighborhood as "Amerikamura" (American village).
Mr. Seitaro Kuroda is presently working on Peace on Earth (1983)
Renovated Sankakukoen
An event held at school
An event held at school
An event held at school
"Amerikamura" became a young people's mecca on the cutting edge of youth culture in Japan.

Because Amerikamura was introduced nationwide, it received recognition from all over Japan. TOWER RECORDS (in 1990), BIG STEP (in 1993), OPA (in 1994) and many other big stores including domestic famous brands were opened in the neighborhood.  

Not only fashion related stores, but also music clubs and movie theaters that attracted many young people opened as well. Over the 10 years, the number of stores became 10 times larger, until about 2500 stores existed in the district. Amerikamura became one of the most popular places in Osaka and one of the most visited tourist spots. The young people's mecca, Amerikamura was a perfect gateway for young creators who participated in fashion, music, graphic design, and much more.
Live shows at Sankakukoen
Fashion shows in Sankakukoen
Full of customers around Sankakukoen
Young people gathered in Amemura in search of creativity" and "human relationships".

During this decade, pushed by the internet via online information, Amerikamura received recognition quickly and became established as a "town for young people" not only in Osaka but also throughout the Kansai area. Amemura's unique fashion attracted so many creative young people, and their willingness to participate in fashion, music, and art communities in Amerikamura led people to recognize the area as an important place to seek human connections and to share their ideas.

Many young people who used to hang out in Amerikamura became shop owners, event organizers, and became involved in doing live music shows. Still, there are many communities similar to the café "LOOP" in Amerikamura, and the area continues growing and attracting many young creators.
Amerikamura with large entertaining facilities (2000)
Live at RIBIA
Company promotion at BIG STEP
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