About Osaka Amerikamura
During the 70s, warehouses in Amerikamura were renovated to sell imported goods including vintage clothes, jeans, second-hand records and many other items from the West Coast of the United States. Because of the uniqueness of the area, TV and media introduced the place nationwide and "Amemura" (Amerikamura) became a birthplace of the latest fashion trends.

Even now more than 30 years later, Amemura is fun to visit, to look for young people with creative and unique fashion, to observe entertaining buildings and purchase unique goods from a wide variety of stores.

Also at night, Amemura is famous for the vibrant night life and entertainment district. Bars and clubs in the district are always crowded with people who work in the area, musicians, designers, and aspiring dancers.
Sankaku Koen
Symbol of Amerikamura Sankaku Koen is a young people's gathering spot; to meet your friends or take a break during shopping.
Street lights
Street lights shaped like humans illuminate the city of Amerikamura at night. The lights were installed at 50 different spots in Amemura and 3 different shapes of the lights may be found.
The wall painting was created in 1983 by Mr. Seitaro Kuroda, a local artist who is originally from Osaka, Minami (South Osaka).
RIBIA is a Japan's first movable street vision. There is a stage hiding behind the screen so that not only the special programs but also exciting events that occur on the stage are appealing as well.
Takoyaki is also called "Octopus balls" in English. The popular Osaka cuisine is easily found everywhere in Amerikamura.
BIG STEP is an entertainment facility with many fun stores that relate to fashion, gourmet food, music, and sports.
Live House
There are more than 20 music venues in Amerikamura. These venues are the birth places where many famous artists originated.
Established in 749, the shrine is quietly nestled in the busy entertainment district where a lot of young people gather.
You will find a lot of people with unique fashion, but the "only in the Amerikamura" trend is the most attractive point of the area. Also, you might run into world famous celebrities here!
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